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The Unofficial Website of Sri Athikkottai Kamatchi Amman Temple @ Kamatchipuram

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Sri Kamatchi is Adi Para Shakti, the Original Mother, the Supreme Divine Eve; in this instance the Mother Goddess did not have any parents; she was self-created.
Her effulgence is that of ten thousand rising suns. Her right hand sports a lotus, while left hand rests on the left thigh. A crown and moon adorn her head. She holds in her four arms a noose, a goad, a sugarcane and five arrows. Sri Kamatchi is the object of worship by Sri Sarasvati Devi, Sri Rama and Sri Gauri who regard her as the primordial deity.
Because of her, the sun god shines, the fire god burns and the wind god blows.  Sri Brahma Deva, Sri Vishnu Deva, Sri Rudra Mahadeva, Isvara and Sadasiva meditate on her. She is all Bliss and the innermost soul of all souls.
All philosophical systems (Darsanas) are her limbs. She embodies all religions and observances. She is the essence of each and every object in the universe. She is the primeval and primary repository of Sakti; She is Sakti herself. Nothing moves without her consent from Sri Brahma Deva to a blade of grass.


iy< iv*a< d*anin nmta< kIitRmimtam!
supu dv jiqit kamai] k[,
ElaeKymaixKy< ipurpirpiNw [iynI
[amSTvTpade zimtirte ik< n k…te.


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