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Shakti worship, Devotional Products and Yantras

One of the best programmes I have seen on Hindu Feminine Devotion is Sakthi Yaathirai, starring: Nalini, O.A.K. Sunder and Jyothisha. It contains actual documented trips (in Tamil language), to about 108 different Amman, Ambal or Shakti shrines and Temples around India and beyond.


With vibrant mix of Indian music, songs, and drumbeats, the actors and singers take you to the land of the Universal Mother, as you have never seen before. It will make a Devotee out of everyone who watches it, regardless of language differences!

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Sakthi Yaatthirai by symphony recording co

Sakthi Yaatthirai is a VCD and it is produced & marketed by Symphony Recording co.,
22, 1st floor, Arunachalam Road, Saligramam, Chennai-93.
PH: 2376 3237, 2376 1875. Fax: 004- 2376 3507.
Singers: UnniMenon, SakthiShanmugaraja, Malathi, Deepika
Music: D.V Ramani Lyrics Direction: Sriram Sharmaa
Concept-Camera-Editing & Production Designing: Srihari

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This is the back of the VCD

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