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The Unofficial Website of Sri Athikkottai Kamatchi Amman Temple @ Kamatchipuram


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The lovely Sri Athikkottai Kamatchi Amman of Kamatchipuram

Sri Athikkottai Kamatchi Amman Temple Maha-Kumbabishegam (Consecration Ceremony)...

A view of the Temple from far, during the ceremony

Kumbabishegam (Consecration Ceremony) is a religious ceremony conducted to bless a new temple. A temple is infused with divinity through this elaborate ceremony. All new temples undergo this ritual consecration when holy water is poured over their pinnacles and deities within.

Some of the Brahmin Priests conducting the ceremony

This grand ceremony is generally performed on four occasions:
When new images or deities are installed in a temple;
When an existing temple has to be relocated;
When renovations are carried out in an existing temple; and
Every twelve years in the life of a temple.

Devotees turned out to witness the Kumbabishegam & get the blessings of Sri Athikkottai Kamatchi

These ceremonies follow a set pattern as laid down in the age-old scriptures known as the Agama Sastras. They contain rules, among other things, for the construction of a temple, the making of images, and the consecration.

Another view at the Temple from below, during the Ceremony

Regular consecration ceremonies are required because people who visit the temple may pollute its sanctity unknowingly. Performing these ceremonies re-infuses the temples and its deities with sanctity.

Priests carrying holy water which will be poured on the Temple Gopurams

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